Nailing a line for the first time,  Missy, 30+ Sound must be on.

Nailing a line for the first time, James 45+ Listen until the end!

"First of all, Lon is a beast on the bike! But more importantly, he's not there to show off his own skills, he's very aware and attentive to your personal skill level and wants you to be comfortable in everything you decide you want to try during his class. I came away with very practical knowledge and language to the varying techniques. I'm excited to take the next level up class sometime soon!" Emily, 30+

"We learn to ride at an early age, and most of us go with what we think is right.  Lon expands on our basic skills to teach us what IS best, safest, and optimal for varying terrain. It's basically a 'new normal' rather than old habits that are often bad habits. Even long-time, and well-rounded riders have learned from these classes."  Robby, 55+

"What I loved about Lon's teaching is that he utilizes multiple approaches for instruction, because we all learn differently.  He gives verbal instruction, shares illustrations of riders executing the positions through excellent photographs, puts you into the position desired, supervises you executing the move while giving positive feedback and improvement strategies, and also takes video and reviews it with you to drill down to exactly what you can do to improve.  Lon's not an ex-Pro racer, which he readily admits, but he is a very accomplished rider, and he will ride technical stuff that most people would look at and say, 'That's impossible.'  He IS, however, a Pro at instruction. You will learn because he's going to make sure of it.  You can tell in the first 30 seconds that he genuinely cares that his students learn, which goes a LONG way!" Charles, 50+

"It was an amazing weekend, and Louis and I are fired up about practicing all we learned and becoming better and safer riders. Thanks Lon Cullen for teaching with clear and detailed instructions, constructive criticism, encouragement and praise when it was due."  Allison, 60+

"I have lived in Colorado for years and have ridden many of the double black diamond all mountain and downhill trails on a regular basis.  Lon is an excellent rider, and an even better mtb skills instructor/coach."  Trent, 45+

"I am an IMBA ICP Level 1 Bike Instructor and have also taught basic skills to over 300 'Trips for Kids' participants since 2013.  Lon studied my techniques and was able to improve many aspects of my riding.  He is a great teacher and gives you visuals to help in the learning process.  I am looking forward to working on the 'homework' and then returning for more instruction."  Doug, 55+

"We hired Lon to teach our management team some skills and techniques that we could use ourselves and also use to educate our customers. We were surprised at how effective yet simple Lon's teachings were! We instantly applied the techniques he taught on the trail, and it made a huge difference in our riding and confidence. He made it lots of fun and was able to relate to each rider in the group. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, you can absolutely improve with Lon's teachings! We will be back for more! Thanks Lon... here's to the mighty T-Rex!" Faris, Owner, Cahaba Cycles

"Super cool MTB instructional class today. Lon Cullen is an amazing teacher. I have been riding for over 35 years, and I learned a lot today." Geoff, 40+

"Been riding for years, but learned several take homes, or take to the trail, within the first 20 minutes!" Kurt, 50+, third year NICA coach

"Took GC1 today and am impressed. Went over body position, braking, terrain awareness, riding hills, descending, and cornering (I'm sure I've forgotten something). Lon is really able to tell you what you need to do, demonstrating it, and then allowing you to do it while offering advice and suggestions. I highly recommend this class to any beginner or even someone who's been MTBing a while. It is money well spent and I look forward to GC2."  Joel, 49, NICA coach

"The tips I learned in these classes are what have me checking off a new expert feature every week.  You'd be surprised what proper body position and a well executed roll-down lunge will get your thru."  Chase, 25+

 "Recently took GC1/GC2 with Lon and my 15 yr old son. I learned more in the first 15 min than I did in months of watching YouTube instructional videos. Lon has a very encouraging style and teaches using simple visuals to help you digest what could be complex. His approach worked as well for my son as it did for me. But the proof is in the riding - I recently rode a local trail (River Loop, Ellijay, GA) that had previously been too technical for me to complete without walking some steep sections. Not only did I complete it all without walking, I felt very comfortable and confident even in the most technical sections. Thanks, Lon - your system works. I'll be back for more!" Dustin, 40+

"I can't say enough good things about my group clinic with Lon. My skills were tested & I will be able to break my bad habits! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for everyone!!!" Laura, 25+

"Going fast or winning races does not mean one is a good MTBer with skills.  A skilled MTB doesn't just ride the trails; they feel and experience the trails.  They approach areas of difficulty with options and understand it is all about position, where to look, and even about knowing how to fall.  The best way I can relate this is with my kids and tennis.  Yes, I can go hit with them and maybe win a game or two, but anyone watching the match would quickly be able to tell who had been coached. The skilled tennis player knows what shots to use and when, how to mix up shots, when to use a kick serve vs flat serve, etc.  I might beat them once or twice but eventually the skilled tennis player with fitness is going to beat just a fit person. I just cannot say enough about what an awesome job Lon Cullen did and how lucky we were to have him come to Mississippi.  He taught us skills and then took us to the trails for practice. He was laid back, organized, and he just has an amazing ability to teach simply-advanced and basic skills within the same group."  Karen, age 50+

"Lon is an awesome instructor! This sport can be a little intimidating, but Lon makes it personal and makes learning much needed skills, fun and informative. His class is well thought out, with safety being top priority. No matter the skill level, he is engaging and a great instructor. I would recommend any of his classes to anyone at any level. I will be back for more!" David, 40+

"This dude rips. Lon is an excellent instructor and is truly passionate about the sport and what his students get out of his courses. He is patient and ensures to take the time to help you learn the things that you need most. I'd recommend his help to any mountain biker, no matter your skill level. Lon continues to help me hit lines I'd otherwise pass and say, "Ha, nope," all while giving me the skills I need to make me a capable enough rider to hit that line. Thanks Lon!" Don, 25+

"Your classes have helped me a lot, and I’ve recommended you to a lot of people, including my current boss!  And I just wanted to send you a pic of me on the Tidal Wave trail at Deer Valley. No tail whip or anything, but not bad for a 61 year old, huh! By a long way, it was the most fun day I’ve ever had on a bike, and that includes my old motocross days too." Ty, 60+

"I was completely skeptical on what skills I could learn.  I was riding farther and more difficult trails; I couldn’t imagine how I could have made a huge improvement in bike handling.  However, Lon helped me gain more control while increasing my confidence. Best of all, I was having more fun!  I plan on investing in more camps because right now I can pound out miles on any local or regional trail, survive, and enjoy the post ride fellowship. But my challenge is riding smarter.  I lack the knowledge to maneuver obstacles, traverse difficult sections, and basically conquer any terrain because no one has stopped and said ‘do it this way.’  I have found out the hard way that hospital visits are costly and take away what I love - riding my bike.  I’m planning on investing more in the best upgrade that I can make, my brain.  It stays with me on every ride.”  John, age 45+ 

"Lon, your coaching was awesome! Your various analogies, tricks to remember and images of people doing it right really helped the concepts sink in. I have so many things to work on now. Before this I felt kind of stranded at a certain level of competency, now I can see the path upwards again. I feel much more confident already after only 2 days but I think after more practice (maybe a LOT more practice) I’m really going to be riding smoother, faster, more in control and probably even safer at the same time. And your positive, encouraging attitude was amazing, I really felt comfortable asking anything and failing repeatedly without judgment, only positive suggestions. I would highly recommend you to first timers working on confidence all the way to A line riders looking for techniques to go faster. Thanks man!" Jesse, 30+

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