Lon's Partnerships & Gear

A word on some of my gear:

  • Even if you are only planning on riding beginner level cross country trails, I still highly recommend the Bell Super 3R MIPS.  It is a cross country lid with some face protection.  If I hadn't had a helmet (pictured above) similar to the Super 2R on when I crashed on an easy trail, then I would probably be in a long term care facility today.  I'm not kidding.  In my opinion, this is the most important piece of equipment anyone can buy.  If you buy one, don't take off the face protection.  That is like having a car with a great seat belt and not wearing the belt when you might need it most.
  • Another full face with good ventilation is the Met Parachute.  Its sizing allows for both smaller and larger sized heads than does the Bell Super 2R.  It is my favorite helmet.

It's about getting more people on bikes and those people having fun on bikes without crashing.  In order to help make this happen, I partner with the following groups and businesses:


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