Reviews for Mountain Bike Skills Private & Group Lessons:

Just some of the many great clients I've had the honor to train with....

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"Took the ‘Ground Control Part 1’ and found it worth every penny and then some.  Lon is a great teacher and very patient.  Watching him running behind my wife up Johnson's mountain encouraging her all the way up was unbelievable....and she made it!!!  He taught us many skills that gave us so many ‘light bulb’ moments that helped us build lots of confidence. Can't wait till part 2!” Russell and Tracy, age 40+

"As a beginning MTB rider, I saw things in other riders that I really wanted, but I knew I couldn’t teach myself with all the YouTube videos in the world.  From the first few hours of instruction I learned skills that will prevent injuries.  I learned so many things about my riding that I never knew were so critical or that I was even doing wrong.  I gained a new bag of skills that I could use as tools.  By the second training session with Lon, I’d begun to combine them into the type of trail maneuvers you typically only see advanced riders execute..."  Allan, age: 40+

"Had a private lesson with Lon covering a lot of the material in the GC 1 class. Solid mix of discussion, demonstration and application out on the trail. Great instructor and great guy. Looking forward to going again." Bill, 60+

"Lon!!  We are so grateful for your training!!!  David and I went on a wonderful ride on the Big Hollow Mammoth Cave trail last weekend, and it was a night and day experience for us compared to before your camp!!  The best ride!  Fast, controlled, and focused on our new learning...  Even taking breaks to talk about what we were doing differently as we rode...  We are still basking in the day. Thank you!!!!"  David & Nicole, 55+

"Lon is a very enthusiastic instructor and wants his students to get the most out of his clinic. I took Ground Control 1 & 2 over a weekend. I learned many fundamentals and gained confidence on my bike. Lon has a gift for explaining the nuances of body positioning and giving mental and visual cues to remember the correct positions. He adapts his instruction to the individual participants and has a great attitude. His love for riding is contagious and his clinic is highly recommended!" Laura, 30+

"I took the Ground Control 1 & 2 in Kansas City, and found it to be super fun and worthwhile investment, even for a long-time rider. The class begins with foundational skills that are a perfect starting point, not only for beginners but also those of us who never formally learned, or whose skills are a bit rusty. Lon has a teaching style that easily connects concepts to practiced movements, and then to actual riding skills, and ingrains it in such a way that it stays with you when it matters most – on the trail. He is also a patient and encouraging instructor, and by the end of the course I was completing sections that I would never have tried prior to taking it. I highly recommend, whether you’re just getting into the sport, or have many years under your belt and just want to take your riding to the next level." Paul, 50+

"Great 2 day clinic at Mulberry Gap - learned a ton that will really help on the trails! Highly recommend this class." David, 35+

"Just finished Ground Control 1&2 this past weekend. Lon Cullen did an excellent job teaching the course and individualizing the training to meet specific needs and desires of the individual participant while keeping the group focused. Learned a ton and look forward to putting these skills to use on the trail." Bob, 60+

"This was simply a fantastic experience. These two days will change my riding for all the rest of them. As I develop the skills I began learning this weekend mountain biking will be a whole new sport for me, safer, better controlled, more confident. Everyone who rides mountain bikes but has never had a skills class should do this once. Lon is a super instructor and has a great class."  Sean, 45+

"This is my second time taking Ground Control one and two with Lon. My husband and I were so pleased and impressed with him the first time, we could not wait to host him for our friends at our own trails... I have seen Lon improve the riding of very seasoned and fast "macho men", and also inspire confidence in the most timid beginners. I knew I could trust all of my friends to Lon because he is a kind and skilled instructor who is truly invested in the success of his students. Before lunch on the first day every single seasoned rider in our camp had shouted "Well that was worth the whole thing right there!" Six months after taking the camp the first time, my riding had improved significantly and it was still worth it to take the camp again and reinforce even more goodness. Lon provides great observation and analytical feedback, so regardless of where you started or how far you've come, he'll be able to ratchet you up to the next level and give you something to unpack in your training for a long time... Two people booked private lessons by the end of the camp to continue their coaching, and I look forward to moving on to the third camp in the series soon! I was no less thrilled the second time than I was the first time and would highly recommend this camp to all of my friends." J.C., 35+

"Had a great time in gc1... Lon is a great rider and, more importantly, a great teacher... he has the perfect personality for teaching others, lots of enthusiasm, and a genuine desire to see people progress. Looking forward to gc2 in a few weeks!" Jami, 30+

"No matter what your level of riding, if you have ever considered attending a skills clinic or getting coached - Lon is your guy. Lon is a great guy and has the perfect personality and approach to encourage the beginner and challenge the experienced, all while remembering why any of us ride - to have FUN." Troy, 40+

"I greatly enjoyed the Ground Control Part 1 clinic yesterday! Lon has years of experience riding and teaching, so he has a wealth of knowledge to share. Plus he has a good eye to identify problems in your individual technique. Once the clinic was over, we then hit the trails with him and he took us to the Steps on Johnson's Mountain to do live practice of the skills we learned, both climbing the section and coming down various lines, including more advanced lines. Afterwards, we got a bonus ride and got to see him do some impressive stuff out in the trails! I definitely feel like I am a better and smarter rider after the clinic, which hopefully means more fun with fewer injuries!" Thanks Lon!"  Ricky, 30+

"Did the Ground Control 1 yesterday at Oak Mountain State Park. Lon is a great instructor and a fantastic guy to ride with.  For me that was one of the greatest experiences in mountain biking so far.  Will definitely sign up for GC 2 soon." Sven, 40+

"I have been riding on and off for 25 years and can say I really learned a lot of new stuff. It is kind of crazy how we get into a routine of riding with bad habits. Really happy I took this class. Even if you are an experienced rider you could still learn a lot from these guys. I would highly recommend checking them out." Keith, 35+

"I signed my son and I up for the first time a few years ago for a further your ride skills clinic with Chuck Lewis, and we learned invaluable skills for both technical riding as well as cross country mountain biking.  I recently attended an advanced coaching clinic at the NICA Leadership Summit with Lon Cullen & Chuck Lewis.  It's one thing to do it and another to teach it!  Lon and Chuck did a fantastic job teaching and then helping us to teach what we had learned!  I would highly recommend their camps for adults as well as kids...."  Tina, age: 50+

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have taught the 202 course for experienced high school mtb coaches during the 2015 Alabama NICA Leadership Summit.

J-hops are polished up in "Ground Control 2."

Reviews for Mountain Bike Skills Private & Group Lessons

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