Please contact me before paying for private lessons in order to confirm my availability.  I get hit with a charge if I have to refund and would like to prevent this. Thanks!

Of the 10 riders who were not in my class who rode this expert feature while I was teaching my class how to ride it the correct way, only 1 did it right. The rest of them were just "guessing and sending."


If one shops around, one can find that quality mtb skills instruction can reach $200/hour with a 3 hour minimum for a private lesson and nearly $800/person for a 3 day camp.  I offer quality private lessons and camps for much less. 

I offer 5 different, one-day stand-alone camps, so you can plug into the camp that you would like to be a part of when you want to be a part of it.  I do recommend, however, that you take them in the following order: "Ground Control 1", "Ground Control 2", "Launches", "Boulder Ridge", and "Storyteller." (each described here.)  I also offer a two day camp which is simply the first two one-day camps (Ground Control 1 & 2) on a Saturday and Sunday.

Please go to Camp Dates to register for a camp.

Private Lessons:

A football coach who has won several national championships says that he not only tells his players what they need to be doing, he also shows them on film.  He says telling them is good, but showing them what they are doing and not doing is even better.  In my private lessons I will record you so you can see what you are doing well and what you can improve on.  "The film does not lie."  Most all of us--and I have seen this SO many times (even with myself)--think we are doing things better than what the film actually reveals. 


Note on paying by PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account:  I use the PayPal system for credit card payments.  However, you don't have to have a PayPal account to take advantage of this system.  Just use the "Add to cart" button on this page, and then PayPal with give you the option to use a "Checkout" button.  Directly under that button are the words "Pay without a PayPal account."  Use that option and follow directions.  Please use an accurate email address for PayPal, so that I can contact you for meeting times, places, etc. 

Please don't heistate to contact me at if you have any problems.

Private Lesson/Teaching &/or Guiding, 1 or more participants, WEEKDAY RATE is for Oak Mountain ONLY

2 hour minimum; Discounted rates begin at 4 hours.

Pr Les weekday
Hourly Rate for 1 Person
Private Lesson Teaching &/or Guiding, 1 or more participants, WEEKEND &/or HOLIDAY RATE

3 hour minimum; Discounted rates begin at 4 hours. PLEASE NOTE: This is the rate that I charge for weekdays, as well, for any trail system that is not Oak Mountain.

Pr Les 1 Weekend & Holiday Rate
Hourly Rate for 1 Person

Up to 7 additional riders can be added to the above rates, provided the group wants to work on the same skills/maneuvers and provided they are close to the same skill and fitness level. 

10th camp at Mulberry Gap Adventure Basecamp
Lon jumping a bridge, a technical jump for a 54 year old.
Body Position, Braking, & Terrain Awareness
A challenging technical climb
Body position for a technical descent
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