Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Primarily in the Southeast

I have provided mountain bike skills instruction over the years on some pretty incredible trail systems across fifteen states, and Alabama is hard to beat.

Most of my camps and private lessons are held at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama, which is south of Birmingham.  The trails at Oak Mountain handle moisture so much better than many trail systems, should the weather turn unfavorable.  Oak Mountain can be ridden year around.  What is more, Oak was an International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Hall of Fame Epic Trail System.  Many of my customers have traveled to Oak Mountain for a skills camp and then stayed on extra day(s) to continue to explore these awesome trails and/or the fun trails at Coldwater, which is an IMBA bronze level ride center and is little over an hour away from Oak.  Plus, when it comes to private lessons, terrain at Oak can be found that is perfect for everyone from beginner to pro level riders.  Directions to Oak Mountain  For a video highlighting some of the trails at Oak Mountain, Coldwater, and Chewalca, go here (Oak Mtn highlighted at 7:45)  

While the two features above are double-black features that won't be ridden in the "Ground Control 1" camp at Oak Mountain State Park, the basic skills taught in that one-day camp are the only ones being used to conquer them.  Never underestimate executing the basics correctly.

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Please don't hesitate to contact me at Lon@SingletrackSkills.Bike if you have any problems.

Please contact me before you sign up a minor for my skills camps because I primarily work only with adults or very advanced minors. Thanks!


If you invest in this camp at Mulberry Gap, you will also get to check another great IMBA Epic Hall of Fame trail system off your bucket list. These trails really handle moisture well also, should the weather turn unfavorable. The food and atmosphere at this venue are second to none!!

March 31-April 2, 2023.  M​ulberry Gap, Ellijay, GA, Ground Control 1 & 2. Information, registration, and pricing can be found at Mulberry Gap Adventure Base Camp This will be the 11th camp I've led at MG.

Birm. "G.C. 1" April 8, 2023
180.00 USD

Oak Mtn., Birm./Pelham, AL, "Ground Control, part 1." I've taught more than 80 of these camps at Oak Mountain State Park. Many of them have sold out. 3 spots remain.

Birm ground control 1
Drops & jumps at Ride Bhm, April 15, 2023
100.00 USD

Each registrant must buy a day pass from Ride Bhm (link above) AND register here. Approx 3 hrs w/ intro to drops and jumping. Clinic ends before late lunchtime; then all may continue to ride the park on their own. Intermediate and above only.

launches ride b
Bentonville area, April 29, 2023
180.00 USD

Ground Control 1, see camp descriptions tab for curriculum. This will be my 9th clinic in Arkansas. Mojo Cycling is my bike shop choice when I'm in Bentonville! I won't cancel if it rains.

Bentonville 1
Bentonville area, April 30, 2023
180.00 USD

Ground Control 2, see camp descriptions tab for curriculum. Many of these have sold out. This will be my 10th clinic in Arkansas. Mojo Cycling is my bike shop choice when I'm in Bentonville! I won't cancel if it rains.

Bentonville 2
Bentonville area, May 1, 2023
180.00 USD

"Launches", see camp descriptions tab for curriculum. Many have sold out. This will be my 11th clinic in Arkansas. Mojo Cycling is my bike shop choice when I'm in Bentonville!

Bentonville 3
Birm. “G.C. 2" Aug. 12, 2023
180.00 USD

Oak Mtn State Park, "Ground Control, part 2" will be covered. I've taught more than 40 of these camps here. Many in the past have sold out. 5 spots left.

Ground Control 2

5th annual skills clinic. Knock out most, if not all, of GC1 on Fri, Oct. 20, 2023, from noon-5pm as part of the Coldwater Fat Tire Fest, & then stay on through the rest of the weekend to practice your skills on the trails. Will post registration link when registration opens. 

2024, TBD. 2nd annual, Southern Utah Epic Experience: GC1 & GC2 are prerequisites.  This is for strong intermediate riders and above (in terms of skill-not just fitness).  Will post link for registration when registration opens.

“I was grateful to have won a gold medal at the National Championship in 2017 at Snowshoe, West Virginia.  However, I wanted to continue to improve my skills because the cross country course was so technically challenging.  Therefore, I worked with Lon Cullen of SingletrackSkills.Bike.  In 2018 back at Snowshoe, I was excited to have beat my 2017 time by 5:31, and I won another gold medal!  The 2018 course was more difficult, and I was not as fit as I was in 2017.  I attribute the faster time in 2018 to the hours that Lon worked with me.  This work not only helped my control on the bike, but it also helped my performance.  I’m looking forward to working with Lon in the future in order to continue to improve my skills and confidence, especially when the trails get difficult.”  Randy Kerr, (60-64); 4 time National Cross Country Champion

This was definitely the most advanced group I've taught thus far.  It was in Golden, Colorado; and I was always the last one on the ascents as well as the descents.  The rewarding thing from this experience is that every one of these riders left the two day camp better riders than when they started.

For a 6 rider minimum, I can travel to your home trail system and teach "Ground Control 1 & 2."
One of my students, Karen, using the skills she learned in GC 1 to ride down a section of trail named "Blood Rock."
"Cigar Drop", on "Boulder Ridge," Oak Mtn State Park, AL. Tools used to conquer it are taught in GC 2.
Same drop and same speed as my buddy below, but this "Lunge drop" is taught in "Launches."
Same drop and same speed as me in the picture two above, but this is the "Pop drop" I teach in "Ground Control 2." Knowing when to use which is crucial, especially in steep terrain.


Whether you enjoy cross country, trail, or all mountain, I can help you get better in the technical.

                      Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Primarily in the Southeast

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