Mountain Bike Skills Coaching in the Southeast & Mid-west

If you would like for me to host a camp in your city, please email me!  Most of the time I require a 5 person minimum for camps outside of Birmingham.

Registration is not complete until payment is received.

I use the PayPal system for credit card payments.  However, you don't have to have a PayPal account to take advantage of this system.  Just "add to cart", and then PayPal with give you the option to "Pay with a debit or credit card" in the bottom right on the PayPal website.  

Please don't heistate to contact me at if you have any problems.

Birm. "Gro Cont, part 1" April 8, 2017
160.00 USD

SOLD OUT. Please contact me to be added to the waiting list or to be contacted first for future GC 1 Birm camps. Next Birm., AL, "Ground Control, part 1" camp is Aug 12, & Aug 12 camp is already at 60% capacity.

Birm ground control 1
Atlanta, GA. GC 1&2, May 6-7 , 2017
450.00 USD

Atlanta, GA "Ground Control 1 & 2" WOMEN'S ONLY camp. The next COED Atlanta camp is Aug 26-27.


M​ulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way, Ellijay, GA, Ground Control 1 & 2 COED. Information, registration, and pricing can be found at Mulberry Gap May 19-21, 2017.  This will be the 3rd camp I've led at MG.

Free Kid's mtb skills clinic.  June 3, 2017.  For more information please go here.

Birm AL. GC 2, June 17, 2017
160.00 USD

This is the Sat of Father's Day weekend. Gift certificates available. Would still be a coed camp. Other Birm GC2 camps have sold out in the past.

Birm gc 2
Memphis, TN G.C.1&2, July 22-23, 2017
375.00 USD

Memphis, TN, "Ground Control 1 & 2"

Auburn, AL, Aug 6, 2017
180.00 USD

One day camp for intermediates to experts only. Select maneuvers from, GC 1, GC 2, & Launches will be covered. Please email me at if you have any questions.

Birm. "Gro Cont, part 1" Aug 12, 2017
160.00 USD

Birm., AL, "Ground Control, part 1." Aug 12 camp is already at 60% capacity. Some previous Birm GC 1 camps have sold out.

Birm ground control 1
Birm. "Launches", Aug 19, 2017
160.00 USD

Birm, AL, "Launches"

Atlanta, GA. GC 1&2, Aug 26-27, 2017
450.00 USD

Atlanta, GA "Ground Control 1 & 2"

KC, G.C. 1&2, Sept 16-17, 2017
450.00 USD

KC, MO, "Ground Control 1 & 2"

Nashville, G.C. 1&2, Sept 30-Oct 1, 2017
450.00 USD

Nashville, TN, "Ground Control 1 & 2"


MTB skills instruction @ Coldwater Fat Tire Fest, October 2017.   More info @ Coldwater Website

Chattanooga, TN. GC 1&2, Nov. 11-12, 2017
425.00 USD

Chattanooga, TN "Ground Control 1 & 2"

FL, G.C. 1&2, Dec.2-3, 2017
475.00 USD

Santos, FL, "Ground Control 1 & 2" Dates are tentative. Still checking with local leadership to make sure this will work. 5 person minimum, 8 person maximum for this camp. Private lessons also available first come basis after camp.

Huntsville, AL. GC 1&2, Dec. 16-17, 2017
425.00 USD

Huntsville, AL "Ground Control 1 & 2"

Dothan, AL. GC 1&2, Jan 20-21, 2018
400.00 USD

Dothan, AL. "Ground Control 1 & 2"

MS, G.C. 1&2, Feb TBD, 2018
400.00 USD

Jackson, MS, 2nd annual camp. "Ground Control 1 & 2"

Little R. AR, G.C. 1&2, March TBD, 2018
400.00 USD

Little Rock, AR, "Ground Control 1 & 2" Last 3 camps here have sold out.

GC 1 & 2

Whistler, British Columbia, Sept. TBD, 2018. 

More details to come, but my idea right now is to provide complimentary guided service and personal skills feedback on some of my favorite XC/AM trails in the Valley and Lost Lakes trail systems.  I will also guide and provide personal skills feedback on my favorite trails inside the world famous bike park.  I plan to guide one day on the XC/AM trails and one day on the DH bike park trails.  And then everyone can split up and ride whatever they would like in any grouping they would like for the rest of their trip. 

This is a customer appreciation event for those who have invested in all three of my camps ("Ground Control 1," "Ground Control 2," and "Launches") or the equivalent in private lessons at some point before the trip.  While I plan to provide the guiding and optional personal skills feedback for free, I would ask that each participant donate a bicycle for each day that I guide or give them skills feedback. bicycle donation. That way this trip won't be just all about us. 

Once I find out if I can go and who else can go for sure, then I will determine if it is necessary to break the group up into two skill levels.  But even then, a definite pre-requisite is that each participant must have solid skills and fitness, because not to have both will only prevent the entire group(s) from having an experience of a lifetime. 

While I'm not qualified to function as a travel agent, I will share what I have learned about flights, shuttles, lodging, bike rentals, and restaurants, so that everyone will know a little more as they plan their trip.  What is more, I will inquire about group discounts for bike rentals and possibly some other things.

If for some reason the American dollar is really weak in Canada as this trip approaches, the back-up plan will be to go to my second favorite place in the world to ride, Lake Tahoe.  Both Tahoe and Whistler are described here.

If we have a good response and a good time, perhaps this could become an annual or semi-annual event.

One of my students, Karen, using the skills she learned in GC 1 to ride down a section of trail named "Blood Rock."
"Big Cigar Drop", on "Boulder Ridge" Oak Mtn State Park, AL

                      Mountain Bike Skills Coaching in the Southeast & Mid-west

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