Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, & Colorado Mtb Skills Camp Reviews:

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 "I have lived in Colorado for years and have ridden many of the double black diamond all mountain and downhill trails on a regular basis.  Lon is an excellent rider, and an even better mtb skills instructor/coach."  Trent, age 40-45.

“I was completely skeptical on what skills I could learn.  I was riding farther and more difficult trails; I couldn’t imagine how I could have made a huge improvement in bike handling.  However, Lon helped me gain more control while increasing my confidence. Best of all, I was having more fun!  I plan on investing in more camps because right now I can pound out miles on any local or regional trail, survive, and enjoy the post ride fellowship. But my challenge is riding smarter.  I lack the knowledge to maneuver obstacles, traverse difficult sections, and basically conquer any terrain because no one has stopped and said ‘do it this way.’  I have found out the hard way that hospital visits are costly and take away what I love - riding my bike.  I’m planning on investing more in the best upgrade that I can make, my brain.  It stays with me on every ride.”  John, age 45-50. 

"I am an IMBA ICP Level 1 Bike Instructor and have also taught basic skills to over 300 'Trips for Kids' Birmingham participants since 2013.  Lon studied my techniques and was able to improve many aspects of my riding.  He is a great teacher and gives you visuals to help in the learning process.  I am looking forward to working on the “homework” and then returning for more instruction."  Doug.

"Took the ‘Ground Control Part 1’ and found it worth every penny and then some.  Lon is a great teacher and very patient.  Watching him running behind my wife up Johnson's mountain encouraging her all the way up was unbelievable....and she made it!!!  He taught us many skills that gave us so many ‘light bulb’ moments that helped us build lots of confidence. Can't wait till part 2!” Russell and Tracy, age 40-45.

""As a beginning MTB rider, I saw things in other riders that I really wanted, but I knew I couldn’t teach myself with all the YouTube videos in the world.  From the first few hours of instruction I learned skills that will prevent injuries.  I learned so many things about my riding that I never knew were so critical or that I was even doing wrong.  I gained a new bag of skills that I could use as tools.  By the second training session with Lon, I’d begun to combine them into the type of trail maneuvers you typically only see advanced riders execute..."  Allan, age: 40-45.

"Take the skills camps because Lon and Chuck are awesome, and you will be too!"  Nic, age: teen.

"I signed my son and I up for the first time a few years ago for a further your ride skills clinic with Chuck Lewis, and we learned invaluable skills for both technical riding as well as cross country mountain biking.  I recently attended an advanced coaching clinic at the NICA Leadership Summit with Lon Cullen & Chuck Lewis.  It's one thing to do it and another to teach it!  Lon and Chuck did a fantastic job teaching and then helping us to teach what we had learned!  I would highly recommend their camps for adults as well as kids...."  Tina, age: 45-50.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to have taught the 202 course for experienced high school mtb coaches during the 2015 Alabama NICA Leadership Summit.

A tricky little drop we've nicknamed "Sketchy" on "Thunder" at Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama

Mtb skills Instruction primarily in Alabama, but also in Georgia, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Colorado.

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