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It has happened to me more times than I can count--so excited to ride new trails in another state, and then all of the frustration of getting lost or wondering if I am hitting the best stuff.  I can stop this from happening to you.  I will guide you or help you find a good local guide for any of the followling destinations in the Southeast:  

  • Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, AL, is an IMBA Hall of Fame Epic trail system.  Whether you like the fast and flowy, or the easy, or the technical, I can help you ride our trails in the best directions.  Few people like the extremely gnarly, technical terrain.  But If you or your group likes that kind of riding I can guide you on our "Boulder Ridge" and other technical trails at Oak Mountain.  Unless one rides these trails frequently as part of a group ride, there is no way to spot the lines we have built.  Without a guide, all that is evident are the "Strava killing" by-pass lines.  If the technical is not what interests you, then no problem.  I can show you the routes that I believe are the most fun for the type of riding you enjoy.
  •  Coldwater Mountain, Anniston, AL, an IMBA Silver Level Ride Center.  Monte Sano has some fun trails also.  More information on each of these and other Alabama trail systems  here.
  • Raccoon Mountain, Chattanooga TN.  (An inexpensive and clean place we stay when we ride Raccoon more than one day is  The Crash Pad.)  I am familiar with many of the technical lines in the "Chunky Free-Ride Area" at Raccoon as well as the more traditional cross country and the newer enduro trails.  Super fun trail system!
  • My friends at Treeline Expeditions and at  Mulberry Gap both also offer some excellent guided mountain bike adventures.  Treeline is special in that it does this for teenagers as well as adults.  They lead groups on trails in North Carolina and Alabama.  Mulberry Gap does this for adults on the Pinhoti 1-4 and Bear Creek trails near Ellijay, GA.  Both Treeline and Mulberry Gap can lead you on some of the best XC trails in the Southeast.

Continued Information from Bucket List Trails:

Now for trails that I don't have any recommendations for guides on, but are real gems...  Like the trails described above on this page, these trails are not bucket-list worthy, but they are definitely worth it to stop and ride if you are anywhere near them.

  • Arkansas: I've enjoyed the trails near Bentonville.  They live up to the hype!
  • Missouri: My two favorites are in the Kansas City area.  The first is Swope Park; the second is Landahl.  But don't even try it if it is muddy.  Missouri clay will cake on your tires and destroy the trails.  Plus the rocks are super slippery when wet.
  • Mississippi:  OK, so the riders in Mississippi win the award for being the friendliest and most hospitable of any place I've ever ridden.  I'm not saying that other places aren't friendly and hospitable, but they have everyone else beat.  That is reason enough to ride there.  Ridgeland Trails in Jackson is where I led a camp.  They have put in a ton of volunteer work on these trails, and the tender love and care for these trails shows.  The trails don't handle mositure as well as trails in Alabama, so keep an eye out on their Facebook page to make sure they are not closed when you are planning on riding.
  • Tennessee: In addition to Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga described above, I've ridden Windrock Downhill outside of Knoxville, TN and the Trials Training Center outside of Chattanooga.  The Trials Training Center (TTC) has some of the steepest, gnariliest trails in the East.  To sample these trails, it is best to race a 3rd Coast Enduro there.  Windrock DH has more trails that are steep than TTC, but fewer rocks.  But that is not to say that Windrock is not rocky!!  I like my downhill bike better than my enduro bike for both TTC and Windrock.  Shuttles are the way to go at both places, for they are true DH!


K.C. Missouri, More Big Drops Per Capita Than Any Place I've Been!
"Chunky" Free-Ride Area, Raccoon Mtn, Chattanooga, TN
"Dupont" near "Pisgah" in NC is one of my favorites in the SE, and Treeline Expeditions guides teenagers as well as adults there.
"Boulder Ridge" backwards, Oak Mtn State Park, Alabama
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